Out in the Field, Exploring the City: Activity Set 2

The first three activities in this kit are in two parts. You can just do one or the other, but it will be more fun if you do both.

In this activity set, you’ll head outside and start exploring your city and surroundings. In Location Audit & Keywords: Activity A, you’ll travel to the place where your story will be set. Here, you’ll do a location audit—a detailed examination of your story location.

An important part of this activity is to think about the role urban planning plays in shaping the space you're investigating. Once you’re in your story location, you should review your keywords and choose the 5 best as the building blocks for your story.

The Location Shoot: Activity B provides suggestions for filming and/or photographing the images for your story. Important things to consider such as the best time of day to shoot, camera point of view and movement, scale, colour, texture and sound are all discussed.

Things to think about

Once you get tonnes of great digital assets (photos and video) "out in the field," download these to your computer and begin assessing them for connections to the memory + place keywords you started with in activity 1.

Try writing a post-it note per asset as a way of seeing-at-at-glance the types of images or sequences of images, audio clips, etc. that you have collected.

  • Why does a location audit help surface details about your city or surroundings that you didn’t notice before?
  • How can the location audit guide the keyword selection process?

Fantastic Work - let's make our digital story.